Online Video Advertising Performance Measurement has never been Easier Than This


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Online video advertising has continued to be popular. This can be attributed to the numerous advantages that are associated with it. In particular, it is one online marketing tool that can be used to promote products and services quite easily. But, in the world of marketing products and services, names of marketing tools do not matter. Rather, the marketing results associated with specific marketing tools are the ones that matter. Therefore, there is no need to continue funding a marketing tool that is not producing your desired results. If you are using online video advertising and you want to know whether it is yielding your desired results or not, you can take advantage of the following techniques.

Identify your primary marketing goal

The best way to gauge the performance of your marketing tool is to ascertain your marketing goal. This can be done by learning more about your audience. Once you have fully understood the nature of your audience, you will know what kind of advertising will be appropriate to generate your desired results. Today, internet marketing experts agree to the supposition that almost all audiences fall into one of the three categories; ready to act, hardly know anything about the product and an audience which is very familiar with the product. It is pertinent to identify the nature of your targeted audience before you can proceed to use a certain method to analyse the performance of your marketing tool.

Identification of key point indicators or KPIs of a specific marketing goal

once you have identified the goal of your marketing tool, you can proceed to look at the KPIs of the marketing goal that can help you to ascertain the viability of your marketing tool. Today, there are numerous KPIs that are used to ascertain the viability of a specific marketing tool. The use of a chart such as the one indicated below can prove to be a perfect idea since it shows you exactly what tool you are using to market your products and services and the results you are getting following the use of that marketing method.

Use the tools to analyse your KPIs

After identifying the KPIs that you are supposed to be looking at, you can proceed to analyse them to see whether your marketing tool is yielding your desired results or not. Three tools are generally used to analyse online television campaigns on Youtube: Youtube analytics, adWords reports and Brand lift. You can also use Google Consumer survey if you want to go beyond the use of the three tools above. In Youtube analytics, you can learn about your audience’s watching time and the number of clicks per viewer. Brand Lift helps you to measure the impact of your online television campaigns on your targeted audience, while Adwords reports help you in much the same way that Youtube analytics does. After analysing the performance of your online television campaign, the next step is to figure out how you can enhance the efficiency of your marketing tool and realise your desired results.


How reliable is TV advertising?


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In the world of business, marketing is elevated above everything else because of the significant impact that it can have on the growth of any business. Today, marketing tools of various kinds have been introduced for purposes of streamlining the promotion of products and services. But, the reliability of each marketing method obviously varies depending on a number of factors. Today, television advertising is regarded as one of the most viable marketing tools. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits that are associated with it as highlighted in the passage. You can realise your desired marketing goals if you take advantage of the power of television marketing.

Companies that recently did away with television marketing are making losses

This is perhaps one of the most notable indicators of the importance of television marketing. A good number of companies that chose to shun away from television marketing are now registering mind staggering losses on a daily basis. The truth is that they could have avoided such losses if they chose to stick to the use of television marketing. A recent research conducted by many reputable researchers was able to reveal that 73 % of the total number of companies that had chosen to switches to other marketing platforms such as digital and paper media marketing had lost a collective $ 94 million in sales. According to TiVo, the organisation that was spearheading the research, each of the 11 companies that had seen the need to shift from television advertising invested a total of $3.1 million on other advertising methods and registered a decline in earnings worth $ 8.6 million. This is a result that the companies could have avoided if they had stuck to the television advertising platform. Television advertising may not be a perfect advertising tool, but it is certainly one of the most reputable platforms for advertising based on the findings of the research.

Advertising on television compared to digital marketing

Although there are numerous advertising platforms that are in existence today, only a few can match up to television marketing. One of the few advertising tools that are used extensively today is digital marketing. This is the only marketing tool that is good enough to compete favourably with television marketing. But, it is not as reliable as television marketing. The research results indicated earlier can attest to this. Not even the companies that switched to digital marketing were able to realise the results they had hoped to see. As a matter of fact, they lost so much that they even saw the need to go back to television marketing. Technically, this can be attributed to the fact that television is able to capture much wider audiences compared to digital marketing platforms.

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The Main Stages of Making a Successful Video


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new york production house

The filmmaking process has several phases, and many important persons play different roles throughout these steps. Starting from developing an idea to giving the finishing touch at the post production process, we see different professionals working day and night to make it a successful venture.  Be it a producer or a line producer NYC, each person plays an important role.

  1.  Development is the first step when the creative minds start generating ideas, toss and shuffle, modify those until a common worthy story is finalized. When you have hired a good production companies in new york, you can think of finding an scriptwriter with original ideas and concept. After it you have to find a suitable director to carry it to the ring.
  1.  After you have made a studio deal and you have given green light to the process, it will go into the preproduction phase. The key members in this step would be the Director, the cinematographer and the line producer. Each one is important in his own individual accord. The Director would go and use his own sense of direction, the cinematographer will obey the director during the filmography and the line producer will do all the negotiations and keep things under control, within the budget.
  1.  Shooting is the process when capturing of video and sound is done. This is a complex process and needs expertise from experienced persons. From actors to technicians to assistants- it involves services of many individuals.
  1.  The post production is the final stage when a few extra people such as Editors, VFX specialists, Musicians, dubbing artists are required. The director at this stage works closely with the post production team to bring out the best out of the investment made by the client.

Creatively Using Existing Business Videos in Different Platforms


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A business entity should be ready to spend some significant amount of money and time if there is a need for diligent video production. Both the client and the production house should be ready to work hard to achieve a targeted outcome. We have seen that even after the work has been completed, a few companies post these videos only on their websites and consider the task to be over.

You need proper planning to maximize the use of your video on different places. Besides promoting it on the website alone, you can also post it on a blog or a news portal, and write about it. Interact with the customers and build brand identity and address any potential queries that your customers may have.

Video production companies would not only help you with the production process, but would also ask you to promote a particular video on Social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms are amazing places where you can get maximum exposure and feedback using a limited number of words.

You could also showcase your videos at presentations, conferences and trade shows. This is a big opportunity for gaining public response. This is especially beneficial for startups who can easily establish fresh connections by doing so. You can use explainer videos along with your presentations to tell the public what lies with your business. A lot of companies are using their existing videos to reach out to more audience and a number of purposes. When you have made yourself a few good to go films, you could also plan to promote at platforms as and when necessary.

The Need for Hiring a Competent Video Production Company


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The Need for Hiring a Competent Video Production Company.jpg

Your business can soar high when you put it on-screen through suitable commercial videos. Since it will be watched by a lot of people and it will also influence what kind of sales you would receive at the end of the day- you cannot take chances about it. Outsourcing the task of making a corporate promo video to top online video marketing companies in New York, can definitely help you in getting the right attention from the viewers.

In the process of choosing your film production company, you must determine an agency with the right experience and equipment. No video can be made without going through the right process of video production. Whether there is need to entertain or provide information to a select customer base, the video production process can help in creating the right vibe that is necessary.

As business owner or representatives of a particular brand or service, you should have a specific idea- what kind of videos should you make and market to get the right response. There may be various video types and the ROI would be different for each one. If you do not have a depth of understanding, then you could sit with your service provider and find out what type of video you actually need to make. There are format specific videos, explainer videos, B2B and B2C ones- each having specific range of benefits and loopholes. What you target for your common viewers will not entice any other business developer. There is need to promote and market need based specific videos to get the desired result. Be it a company overview or a product specific video- you can get the most out of your video marketing when you hire a competent film production company.

How To Drive Setbacks Out Of a Film Production Tie Up


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081004/AFA 2008/Production 3(B)/Jang San Temple/PHOTOLUDENS_bangbyanghak

Hiring film production companies NYC and outsourcing the project of film making for your organization is a novel idea. That film production crew will be responsible for effective carrying out of all things related to the film making. From working on the screenplay to finalizing shooting spots, from scheduling time for casts to keeping the expenditure within the budget- these professionals are known for handling everything well. They are known for their good networking skills, for taking care of bills and handling any formalities with authorities as and when necessary. When you hire a competent film production crew, most of your problems are solved, but there are a few places where these professionals also might need the right direction.

–          When the job requirements are not clear between the film production unit and the clients, there may be complexities arising out of it. When there is a difference between the goals of the team and the client, a common result cannot be reached in time.

–          Difference in opinion among the team members can also lead to chaos and ultimately failure. A distributor may want to implement a particular style of promotion; but another fellow team member might not agree. A team might want to go on social media with a certain campaigning strategy- another group may be a different strategy altogether. This difference slows the process down.

–          When there are communication problems between the clients and the working team, the output is far from the desired. Simply spending money is not sufficient, as a client you have to be in constant communication with the film production unit.

If you want to get something done different than the average, if you want to get a video done in the most unique way, then you should keep the above factors in mind and solve them.

A Few Tips to Choose Your Commercial Film Production Team


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Are you planning to shoot a commercial or a documentary video for your business? Congratulations, it is one of the fastest ways to tell people what business you are into. But going out to make a video independently without any external help may be very challenging. It has been observed that most of the business owners do not have all what it takes to come out with a good end product in such cases. the best solution is to hire a professional film production company in New York with experience and knowledge, which could deliver a professionally neat work for what you want.

Whether you need a corporate promo video or an advertisement film, use these techniques to choose your filming team.

  1.    To get a good team of film producers, take reference from people you trust. You may have friends who may know insiders from the industry and who are eager to genuinely help you.
  1.    Check online and local classifieds. When you hire someone, it is always better if the team is not very far from your locality. You may, at the same time come across many enthusiastic people just getting into the market. You may want to avoid them as this may turn out to be a big risk.
  1.    Check whether or not your team is equipped with all necessary tools for production and post production process. You do not want to make a pact with a company that promises you gold, but delivers silvers.
  1.    Ask them to show you samples of their previous work. If the work is related to what you are dealing with, then it would be even better. A team that has worked earlier with a similar concept or with the same type of theme will be able to handle your projects better.

Online Video Marketing: A Must to Do for Any Business Enterprise


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A good video marketing campaign can be used as a strong tool to drive traffic and transform it into potential users for your business. Find out how?

When it comes to delivering a powerful marketing message concerning a product or a service, video marketing is considered to be a proven method. It is an advantage because most of the common users prefer to watch a 30 second commercial than to read a two page information about something. If you are not using this in your marketing strategy, then you are losing a major share of potential customers to your business.

It can be any type of video- it may be a teaser, or an informative descriptive YouTube video or a short TV commercial; which may be used as an strategically designed tool to build the future of your business. If you are wondering how to go ahead, the following paragraphs will help you understand how you could use various platforms to reach more customers.

First of all, you need to find a good New York Production Company, which would professionally help you to shoot, produce and make it happen. It can definitely help you to build a winning video marketing strategy with the resources you have at your hand. This can be immensely beneficial in generating brand awareness and traffic conversions.

One common myth that organizations usually bear is that they cannot afford video marketing. But the results of such campaigns are massive and hence any such investment is a good investment.

So when there is a need for using a video? You can choose to make a video anytime- before launching a product or a service; or to boost up sales of an existing product/service, or to dynamically pass on a message that may be lost if any other medium is used.

Online video campaigning can convert traditional online material into action driven messages, and can project the required message in a powerful way. Such campaigns are proven methods for generating brand awareness, and for developing engagement. It has been observed that when both texts and videos are available on a page, people tend to watch the online work related videos than going for the text.

One of the reasons why organizations or executives do not implement video marketing is because they think it is a difficult thing to do. But with the help of a genuine production house, it can be made simpler. It is worth the time and investment. Considering the potential and outcome that can be achieved, this is a ‘must have’ for any business.

How to Ensure That You Have Hired a Good Video Production Company


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Outsourcing the task of video production to a professional team is worth the investment. This can help you to get a superior product with polished finishing. Before you decide to put a substantial investment into the risky business of video production, you should take some time to read the following tips, which will definitely help you in choosing the right one from many online video marketing companies. The company you hire must be able to provide you profitable video marketing strategies to take your business forward.

–          Most of the companies do not upload their latest work on their website because it might not be the best or may have copyright issues with the client. But you as a prospective client, should request to show you samples of their latest work (rather than their chosen best works) so that you could be certain about their work quality.

–          Get quotes on the same project from different companies. You will be surprised to see that for the same project different companies will charge rates that are poles apart. On average you will notice a price difference of $500 to $2500. Keep the price factor in mind and pick your company accordingly.

–          Simply because you are paying a good amount, it is not guaranteed that you will get a top quality job too. Even a company that charges you less may be able to provide you better quality work than the one that charges double the rate. Do a quality check- find out how professional and creative their team actually is. Just because a company is confident about raising their fees, you need not be confident about their work quality too. Do some ground work and assess whether or not it will be able to deliver what you want or not.


The Need for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy to Promote Business


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With the help of a good production company in New York, you can launch an effective video marketing campaign to make your business grow. A few important questions have been discussed here.

How can video marketing be developed as a new and effective way to promote your business? How this marketing could be made cost effective and affordable? This write up briefs up some of the important things that you might like to know before going out with your final strategy.

Be it a 30 second long TV commercial or a proper lengthy YouTube video, as a business corporation or enterprise, you could perfectly use digital videos to increase awareness about the products or services in the national and international markets. Video marketing is a fast growing, catching up, latest proven method to reach a wide range of customers. Many elements are involved with effective implementation of this technique. As an independent business body, you may not find it at ease to handle such things by yourself. But there are reputed, competent and experienced production companies in New York that have worked with hundreds of clients both at national and international levels and have helped them achieve new heights.

What should be there in a video?

This question cannot be summed up in a single sentence. You can plan for a video, which gives the viewers an overall idea of your brand, company, products and services; or you may strategically plan for making multiple videos for each individual product or service. The storytelling should be unique, creative and engaging for the viewers. You may choose to show your products, satisfied users, the manufacturing process- or you may get these things clubbed. A call to action at the end of the clip is an effective technique to gain a bigger customer base.

Where could you post your videos?

This is an important part of the strategy and you should have a clear answer for this. You could post videos directly on your company website or blog. This will give the visitors of your site a good idea about the brands, products or services you have been dealing in. Other powerful platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube are great places to reach out to a large customer base. Nowadays, most of the businesses use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter to connect with their customers.

Make Schedules

Starting from video planning to shooting, editing and to the final step of posting the videos on the relevant platforms- everything should be properly scheduled. For example, if you are targeting a particular product to launch next month- then you should also plan to shoot and launch the video on a suitable date accordingly.